Trustworthy Systems


Third NICTA Software Systems Summer School

Sydney, 9–10 February 2015


Software Systems Research Group Group

Over two days, this summer school will feature lectures by international leaders in computer systems from industry and academia, interspersed with short student talks and poster sessions. We will emphasise a friendly and informal setting where students can learn and obtain feedback from experts. Topics include operating systems, distributed systems, hypervisors, virtual machines, databases, compilers, language implementation, memory management and security.


Day 1:  Monday, 9th February
Time Name Affiliation Talk Type   Title
8:45–8:55 Registration
8:55–9:00 Organisers' Welcome
9:00–11:00 Session 1: Distributed Data I
   09:00 Prof Alan Fekete NICTA+Sydney U, AU invited   Isolation properties, application behaviour, and platform performance: the tradeoffs in distributed data stores
   10:00 Prof Lorenzo Alvisi FACM   U Texas invited   SALT: Combining ACID and BASE in a Distributed Database
11:30–12:30 Session 2: Search and Software Systems
  David Hawking Partner Architect, Bing invited   Global search engines: Software systems at not-inconsiderable scale
13:30–15:00 Session 3: Managed Language Implementation
   13:30 Prof Steve Blackburn   ANU, AU invited   Rethinking Garbage Collection
   14:30 Kunshan Wang ANU, AU student   A Low-Level Virtual Machine for Managed Languages
   15:00 Yi Lin ANU, AU student   Towards an Efficient Implementation of μVM
   15:15 John Zhang ANU, AU student   μPy – Implementing Python on a μVM
16:00–17:30 Session 4: Performance Analysis
   16:00 Prof Tony Hosking Purdue U, US invited   Power & Performance + Profiling = Pain: evaluating memory management for mobile
   17:00 Xi Yang ANU, AU student   Computer Performance Microscopy with SHIM
17:30–19:30 BBQ dinner on Physics Lawn (UNSW campus)
Day 2: Tuesday, 10th February
Time Name Affiliation Talk Type   Title
9:00–11:00 Session 5: Security and supporting Real-Time Applications
   09:00 Dr Gilles Muller INRIA/LIP6, FR invited   Protecting Real-Time Applications against Memory Induced Slowdown on a Small Multicore System
   10:00 Felix Kam, Thomas Sewell   NICTA+UNSW, AU student   Trustworthy WCET Analysis
   10:30 Yuval Yarom U Adelaide, AU student   Last-Level Cache Side-Channel Attacks are Practical
11:30–12:30 Session 6: Distributed Data II
  Prof Rodrigo Rodrigues U Nova de Lisboa, PT invited   Strongly versus weakly consistent replication: in search of the right balance
13:30–15:30 Session 7: Trust and Safety
    13:30 Prof Gernot Heiser FACM   NICTA+UNSW, AU invited   From Security to Safety: broadening seL4's application domain
    14:30 Qian Ge NICTA+UNSW, AU student   Plugging Cache-Based Timing Channels Made Easy With seL4
    15:00 Yanyan Shen NICTA+UNSW, AU student   Microkernel Mechanisms for Improving the Trustworthiness of Commodity Hardware
16:00–17:00 Session 8: Big Data
  Prof. Zheng (ZZ) Zhang NYU Shanghai invited   Big Data Research Needs to Go End-to-End
17:25–17:30 Closing Remarks
17:30–18:30 Farewell Drinks


We will make presentation slides available at the end of the school.



Call for Participation


School of Computer Science and Engineering, Building K17, Room 113, Level 1 - (map)

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