Trustworthy Systems


While our research is only concerned with software and (to a lesser degree) the hardware-software interface, we do some hardware work too, typically for building test platforms or product prototypes. An important aspect of this is to maintain enough hardware skills in the group so we can deal with hardware problems quickly if they arise. A secondary (but also important) aspect is to provide training for students.


XPort Pro Development Kit

The XPort Pro Development Kit was designed as a teaching platform for our (no longer taught) Advanced Embedded Linux Programming course.


e4Meter is a prototype consumer-level power meter and controller with four individually metered outlets. An array of environment sensors (temperature, light and motion) allow intelligent control of the outlets. A web interface gives more detailed and historical information about the power consumption of each outlet. The e4Meter was entered into the 2010 Lantronix Xport Pro design competition.


Echidna is a device designed for measuring the power used in low-voltage computer systems such as laptops and embedded systems. It has been used extensively within the context of Power Management research.


The I-Box is a product prototype designed for a small Australian company. It is designed as a digital video processing platform for digital video surveillance. It is also based around an XScale processor running at 624MHz, and has various interfaces. It is designed to run L4-based operating systems or Linux.


PLEB is representative of many ARM-based embedded systems. The latest version (PLEB 2) contains current sensors which allow us to monitor power consumption of a running system without external meters. This forms the basis of some of our work on power management.