Trustworthy Systems

Christine Rizkallah
Senior Lecturer

Research Interests

Christine is interested in Higher-Order Logic, - Interactive Theorem Proving, and Formal Verification. She works primarily on the Cogent project.

Contact Details

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Career Summary

Since Dec 2021: Assistant Professor / Senior Lecturer at the University of Melbourne

Apr 2018 - Dec 2021: Assistant Professor / Lecturer at the University of New South Wales

Jun 2016 - Mar 2018: Postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania Working on the DeepSpec project

Nov 14 - May 16: Researcher at NICTA and Conjoint Lecturer at the University of New South Wales


2010 - 2015: Ph. D. in Computer Science at the Universität des Saarlandes and the Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik, Saarbrücken, Germany Title of PhD Thesis: Verification of Program Computations Supervisor: Kurt Mehlhorn

Oct 2007 - Dec 2009: Master studies in Computer Science at the Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken, Germany (with IMPRS-CS scholarship from the Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik) Title of Master's Thesis: Proof Representations for Higher Order Logic Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Gert Smolka, Dr. Chad E. Brown

Oct 03 - Oct 07: Bachelor studies in Computer Science at the German University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt Title of Bachelor's Thesis: X2-Planner: A Hierarchical Task Network Planner for Real Time Gaming Applications Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Slim Abdennadher, Dr. Thorsten Maier (Thesis done at Xaitment Gmbh, Saarbrücken, Germany)


Trustworthy Systems Group Papers


Abstract PDF Zilin Chen, Matt Di Meglio, Liam O'Connor-Davis, Partha Susarla Ajay, Christine Rizkallah and Gabriele Keller
A data layout description language for Cogent
at PriSC, Lisbon, Portugal, January, 2019


Abstract PDF Liam O'Connor-Davis, Zilin Chen, Partha Susarla Ajay, Christine Rizkallah, Gerwin Klein and Gabriele Keller
Bringing effortless refinement of data layouts to Cogent
International Symposium on Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods, Verification and Validation, pp. 134-149, Limassol, Cyprus, November, 2018


Abstract PDF Liam O'Connor, Zilin Chen, Christine Rizkallah, Sidney Amani, Japheth Lim, Toby Murray, Yutaka Nagashima, Thomas Sewell and Gerwin Klein
Refinement through restraint: Bringing down the cost of verification
International Conference on Functional Programming, Nara, Japan, September, 2016
Abstract PDF June Andronick, Corey Lewis, Daniel Matichuk, Carroll Morgan and Christine Rizkallah
Proof of OS scheduling behavior in the presence of interrupt-induced concurrency
International Conference on Interactive Theorem Proving, pp. 52–68, Nancy, France, August, 2016
Abstract PDF Christine Rizkallah, Japheth Lim, Yutaka Nagashima, Thomas Sewell, Zilin Chen, Liam O'Connor, Toby Murray, Gabriele Keller and Gerwin Klein
A framework for the automatic formal verification of refinement from Cogent to C
International Conference on Interactive Theorem Proving, Nancy, France, August, 2016
Abstract PDF Toby Murray, Robert Sison, Ed Pierzchalski and Christine Rizkallah
Compositional verification and refinement of concurrent value-dependent noninterference
IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium, pp. 417–431, Lisbon, Portugal, June, 2016
Abstract PDF Sidney Amani, Alex Hixon, Zilin Chen, Christine Rizkallah, Peter Chubb, Liam O'Connor, Joel Beeren, Yutaka Nagashima, Japheth Lim, Thomas Sewell, Joseph Tuong, Gabriele Keller, Toby Murray, Gerwin Klein and Gernot Heiser
Cogent: verifying high-assurance file system implementations
International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems, pp. 175–188, Atlanta, GA, USA, April, 2016


Abstract PDF Liam O'Connor, Gabriele Keller, Sidney Amani, Toby Murray, Gerwin Klein, Zilin Chen and Christine Rizkallah
CDSL version 1: Simplifying verification with linear types
Technical Report, NICTA, October, 2014