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Itanium Linux-on-Linux Virtual-Machine Monitor

The Itanium Linux-on-Linux virtual-machine monitor, or hypervisor, allows a Linux kernel to run in user mode, similar to UML for x86 platforms.

Source is available from the Linux-on-Linux page.


vmm [-k ] [ -n ncpu] [ -t tapnum] [-m memsize] vmlinux linux args ...


VMM is a virtual machine monitor that uses Linux itself as a hypervisor. It runs a specially prepared kernel on Itanium, with console redirected to standard input and network redirected to the TUN/TAP device.


Keep the `physical' memory file around after starting the VMM
-t tapNumber
Specify which instance of /dev/taptapNumber to use
-n ncpu
Start a virtual machine with ncpu processors. This must be greater or equal to the number of processors that the kernel expects, for example by appending the maxcpus=ncpu to the linux arguments. A separate process is started for each virtual processor.
-m memsize
Create the machine with memsize memory. memsize is in bytes, but the suffixes k and M are recognised. Memory is allocated by mmapping a file in /tmp; if there is insufficient real memory, the virtual machine will swap to that file, and be slow.