Trustworthy Systems

A novel architecture for situation awareness systems


Franz Baader, Andreas Bauer, Peter Baumgartner, Anne Cregan, Alfredo Gabaldon, Krystian Ji, Kevin Lee, David Rajaratnam and Rolf Schwitter

TU Dresden

Australian National University


Macquarie University


Situation Awareness (SA) is the problem of comprehending elements of an environment within a volume of time and space. It is a crucial factor in decision-making in dynamic environments. The current research challenge is to build systems that support *higher-level* information fusion, viz., to integrate domain specific knowledge and automatically draw conclusions that would otherwise remain hidden or would have to be drawn by a human operator. To address this challenge, we have developed a novel system architecture and system implementation as part of the *Situation Awareness by Inference and Logic* (SAIL) project. It differs from other approaches by emphasizing the role of formal logics and automated theorem provers in all its main components. This supports a declarative approach to building SA systems across different domains. The paper describes a particular SAIL system and its architecture.

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