Trustworthy Systems

ME(LIA) — model evolution with linear integer arithmetic constraints


Peter Baumgartner, Alexander Fuchs and Cesare Tinelli


The University of Iowa


Many applications of automated deduction require reasoning modulo some form of integer arithmetic. Unfortunately, theory reasoning support for the integers in current theorem provers is sometimes too weak for practical purposes. In this paper we propose a novel calculus for a large fragment of first-order logic modulo Linear Integer Arithmetic (LIA) that overcomes several limitations of existing theory reasoning approaches. The new calculus --- based on the \emph{Model Evolution} calculus, a first-order logic version of the propositional DPLL procedure --- supports restricted quantifiers, requires only a decision procedure for LIA-validity instead of a complete LIA-unification procedure, and is amenable to strong redundancy criteria. We present a basic version of the calculus and prove it sound and (refutationally) complete.

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