Trustworthy Systems

Superposition and model evolution combined


Peter Baumgartner and Uwe Waldmann

Max-Planck-Institute for Computer Science


We present a new calculus for first-order theorem proving with equality, \MESUP, which generalizes both the Superposition calculus and the Model Evolution calculus (with equality) by integrating their inference rules and redundancy criteria in a non-trivial way. The main motivation is to combine the advantageous features of both---rather complementary---calculi in a single framework. For instance, Model Evolution, as a lifted version of the propositional DPLL procedure, contributes a non-ground splitting rule that effectively allows now to split a clause into \emph{non} variable disjoint subclauses. In the paper we present the calculus in detail. Our main result is its completeness under semantically justified redundancy criteria and simplification rules.

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