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Welcome to Trustworthy Systems!

We are the Trustworthy Systems group. We use rigorous formal methods to develop trustworthy software systems—systems that come with provable security, safety and reliability guarantees.

We are fundamentally changing how software systems are engineered in the real world. Our techniques provide the highest possible degree of assurance—the certainty of mathematical proof—while being cost-competitive with traditional low- to medium-assurance systems. Our vision statement is:

We aim to change the world by making software truly trustworthy.
We have made verified software a reality.
We’re now working on creating a societal shift  towards mainstream adoption.

Our research brings together a unique combination of expertise in operating systems, formal methods and programming languages. Our seL4 microkernel is the most thoroughly verified operating system kernel in the world.

Our work goes beyond research. We build robust software stacks for the software development community, and also engage with other organisations to apply our technology to real problems.

Our main activities

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Breakthroughs that combine our expertise in operating systems, formal methods and programming languages.



We apply our unique research and engineering experience to solve problems in the real world.

Additional resources

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The world's most highly-assured operating system kernel.



Our software and proof repositories, as well as packaged software releases.


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Info for prospective students and interns, and courses we teach.



Our research publications and tech reports.

Latest news

2021-08-22 – The seL4 Foundation has given interim endorsement to TS as a trusted provider for services around seL4 .

2021-07-28 – The assurance story for seL4 on RISC-V keeps building. We first formally proved functional correctness : that the seL4 C code on RISC-V platforms behaves exactly as its specification says . We then established binary correctness : that the machine code running on the processor behaves exac...

2021-07-21 – The Trustworthy Systems (TS) grew to world fame in NICTA , with the design, implementation and verification of seL4 its defining achievement. When NICTA was absorbed into CSIRO's Data61 in mid-2015, TS became part of it, and was one of a small number of groups that defined Data61's international reputation. We attrac...

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