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(Most of) Trustworthy Systems in February 2024.

We are the Trustworthy Systems Group

We research techniques for the design, implementation and verification of secure and performant real-world computer systems.

We achieve impact by fundamentally changing how software systems are engineered in the real world. Our techniques provide the highest possible degree of assurance—the certainty of mathematical proof—while being cost-competitive with traditional low- to medium-assurance systems.

Our research brings together a unique combination of expertise in operating systems, formal methods and programming languages. Our seL4 microkernel is the most thoroughly verified operating system kernel in the world.

Our work goes beyond research. We show how to build robust, high-performance software stacks for the software development community, and also engage with other organisations to apply our technology to real problems.

Our main activities


Breakthroughs that combine our expertise in operating systems, formal methods and programming languages.

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We apply our unique research and engineering experience to solve problems in the real world.


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The world's most highly-assured operating system kernel.

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Our software and proof repositories, as well as packaged software releases.


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Info for prospective students and interns, and courses we teach.



Our research publications and tech reports.


Latest news

2024-03-27 – TS proudly announces the first release (0.1.0) of its new Lions Operating System . Lions OS is built from scratch on top of the seL4 microkernel and the seL4 Microkit . Lions OS is aimed at embedded, IoT and cyberphysical systems and is designed to be forma...

2024-03-14 – Gernot Heiser has been formally inducted into the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina in a ceremony in Halle. After being elected in 2023, Gernot travelled to Halle for the formal conferral ceremony in February. Election to Leopoldina membership is highly selective and testament to the groundbre...

2023-12-18 – US funding agency DARPA has just awarded their annual 10-year Game Changer Award for the most impactful program to the High Assurance Cyber-Military Systems (HACMS) program, as lead-CI Darren Cofer reports . Led by Darren and Collins Aerospace , TS partnere...