Trustworthy Systems


From time to time we release software as open source, or occasionally under a binary-only licence.


You can find most of our software on github:

Specific projects with their own repos


CakeML is an impure functional language with an end-to-end-verified optimizing compiler. The code can be found at

Former Projects

Unmaintained repos of some of our former projects.


Cogent is a programming language with a certifying compiler for developing high-assurance systems components. The code can be found at


AutoCorres is an Isabelle/HOL tool that automatically abstracts and simplifies programs that have been translated by the C parser.

Graph refine

Graph refine is a collection of tools and Isabelle/HOL theories used to reason about programs in a particular graph representation.

WCET tools

WCET Tools are a set of tools to compute the worst-case execution time for ARM binaries.

Channel Matrix Tools

A set of tools for generating and analysing large, sparse channel matrices.

Bitfield Generator

A DSL compiler for co-generation of bitfield code and associated correctness proofs.


CAmkES is a component platform for seL4.


eChronos is an RTOS for MMU-less microcontrollers.