Trustworthy Systems


While our primary focus is research and thought leadership on trustworthy systems, as well as driving development of seL4 and related technologies, we also provide services to the seL4 ecosystem to help deployment of seL4 in the real world.

We provide services in the following categories:

  1. research that enhance seL4 and seL4-based systems
  2. high-level consultancy on design and architecture of seL4-based systems
  3. development of seL4-based components and systems
  4. adaptations and platform ports
  5. formal verification of any of the above.

We have capabilities and a strong track record in all of these, and our services have received interim endorsement from the seL4 Foundation. However, we do not consider it our responsibility to perform work that can be done by industry – our aim is to support industry rather than compete. This is in line with our focus on research and thought-leadership.

Specifically, we believe that the last three of the above categories are generally best served by industry, and consider ourselves a “provider of last resort” for those categories, taking responsibility for the ecosystem if no-one else is able to.

In contrast, we are happy to help you on architecture and design of seL4-based systems, as we have unique insights, and such engagements can benefit from as well as drive our research. Such engagements will lead to overall benefit to the seL4 ecosystem.


Gernot Heiser,