Trustworthy Systems

Diversity & Inclusion

We in the Trustworthy Systems group pride ourselves on offering a safe and respectful work environment for all team members. We value diversity and promote a culture of openness, equality, respect, and inclusion. Diversity fosters ideas and innovation. It is critical for a creative, productive and stimulating work environment, and we have a strong commitment to supporting and encouraging diversity of ideas and people.

We take diversity seriously and are striving to maintain and improve it. Specific actions include:

For us, Diversity has diverse dimensions.

Gender equity

It is no secret that the tech industry has a skewed gender representation. We attempt to counter that by offer a welcoming and creative workplace with flexible hours and work arrangements. Our gender balance is already better than that in many CS research groups, and we are actively working to improve it.


Flexibility is more than just flexible work hours and work arrangements, which we do provide. It’s also about flexibility in thinking, challenging assumptions, and applying innovation to all parts of our work.

 Age balance

Especially for a technology-oriented research group, we have a wide range of age representation. We recognise that people of different ages want and need different things, and we value that they bring different perspectives to the table.

Cultural diversity

We value cultural diversity, generating different viewpoints and ideas from different backgrounds and ways of thinking. Our highly international team does already come from many different cultural backgrounds, and we welcome people from everywhere.

People with disability

We are committed to providing an accessible and inclusive workplace for the long term, increasing the participation of people with disability in research.

LGBTIQ inclusion

We offer a safe and respectful work environment for all LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer) employees, creating a culture of equality and inclusion.

Some of our team

2021Q4 newcomers to TS.