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Honours Thesis Projects


The thesis topics listed here are available to strong final-year undergraduate students. They are mostly associated with research projects and generally quite challenging; many topics have the potential to lead to a publication, and in average we get about one paper a year from the work of one (or more) undergraduate thesis students. Students who are not aiming for excellence are in the wrong place here.

We guarantee a thesis topic to any student who has obtained a HD grade in UNSW's Operating Systems or Advanced Operating Systems course, no matter what their other grades are! This does not mean that an OS HD is a prerequisite, but we do expect our students to have s strong track record in relevant courses.

Strong computer Science Honours students may qualify for the John Lions Computer Science Honours Award.

Note that the below list is constantly updated, new topics are added as we identify them as work on various research projects proceeds. Topics marked NEW are recent additions.

Present topics supervised by Gernot Heiser (official list)

Most topics can lead to publications.

How to apply:

Contact the relevant supervisor.

Note for OS related topics: We promise a thesis topic to every interested student who has obtained a HD grade in COMP3231/COMP9201 Operating Systems or COMP9242 Advanced Operating Systems. If necessary we will define additional topics to match demand.

We will not turn down any students doing exceptionally well in OS courses. However, this does not mean that an HD in OS or Advanced OS is a prerequisite for doing a thesis with me. Interested students with lower OS marks are welcome to talk to me if they feel they can convince me that they will be able to perform well in an OS thesis.

Keep in mind that these topics are all research issues and generally at the level of Honours Theses. They are not suitable for marginal students or students with a weak understanding of operating systems. We expect you to know your OS before you start.

Topics for a Special Project (COMP3901/3901):

Some undergraduate thesis topics are also suitable for a special project (typically with reduced scope/expectations). But generally Taste of Research topics are a better match for this. Talk to us if you're interested!

Information about research theses

Postgraduate thesis topics:

Undergraduate thesis topics are also suitable for coursework Master's projects. Same conditions apply: You must have a pretty good track record in OS courses for OS and FM related topics.

Information about research theses