Trustworthy Systems

Felix Rauch
Research Scientist

Research Interests

Dr Rauch Valenti's research interests include operating systems, distributed storage systems and parallel and distributed systems like clusters of PCs. His focus is on the performance and efficiency of these systems. He now works at Google.

Contact Details

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Short project overview:
Goanna Pilot

The goal of the Goanna pilot project is to reduce the number of software deficiencies ("bugs") of system software by static analysis. In the pilot phase the focus is in particular on the L4 microkernel, since it defines the core of system software, we have direct access to and control over the code base, and we expect immediate benefits in terms of trustworthiness and maintenance of the code.

Distribution / Mobile Storage

The "Distributed mobile storage" project investigates network file systems and other distributed storage technologies suitable for mobile and embedded devices like laptops, personal digital assistants (PDAs), mobile phones or even small embedded computers in modern cars. These devices become more and more ubiquitous and many of them are used in our daily lives. However, data exchange between them is still cumbersome: Many mobile devices use different protocols and interfaces to exchange data. The goal of the project is to investigate and eventually establish protocols and techniques for easy and convenient data exchange between many different mobile and embedded devices. The users and applications should be able to access data through the prevalent and proven file system interface, no matter whether certain data is on the mobile device itself, on the users' home servers, or offered by other nearby devices.

There are many interesting research challenges when designing and implementing such systems. These include the design and administration of a global name space, an implementation with a special focus on the limited resources of mobile devices (memory, power, network and CPU), locating nearby information providers, various aspects of data security, and data consistency.


Dr Rauch Valenti was involved with the Goanna project. The goal of the Goanna project is to reduce the number of software deficiencies in system software.

Career Summary

Prior to joining TS, Dr Rauch Valenti worked almost seven years as a research assistant, lecturer and postdoctoral researcher at the laboratory for computer systems at ETH Zurich, Switzerland.


Dr Rauch Valenti earned his Masters degree in Computer Science and Engineering in 1997 from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, Switzerland; and a Doctorate of Technical Sciences from the same Institute in 2003.


Dr Rauch Valenti is a member of the ACM, the IEEE Computer Society, and USENIX.