Trustworthy Systems

Sergio Ruocco
Research Scientist

Research Interests

Dr Ruocco's research interests include the analysis, design, and implementation of object-oriented software architectures of concurrent, distributed, time-sensitive systems (including hard real-time and Quality of Service-aware systems). He is also interested in researching novel approaches to low-level, embedded system software development. He is now a researcher at Astar in Singapore.

Contact Details

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While at NICTA, Dr Ruocco worked on the design & implementation of L4 extensions for Temporal Reflection.

A temporally reflective system can dynamically observe, control, and adapt the temporal aspects of its own computations by manipulating a reflective (self-) representation of its temporal behavior.

Temporal aspects of computation that can be controlled at application level via TR include performance, timeliness (real-time), QoS, and (likely) power consumption.

Dr Ruocco is now at the A*STAR Data Storage Institute in Singapore.



Career Summary

Prior to joining NICTA, Dr Ruocco consulted as a project leader and a senior software engineer, leading technology transfer projects between academia and industry. This included the design and implementation of a Linux device driver for custom embedded real-time video acquisition and a compression board for an international security and surveillance company.


Dr Ruocco received his Masters degree cum Laude in Computer Science in 1999, and his PhD in Computer Science in February 2004, both from the Universita' degli Studi di Milano, Italy.