Trustworthy Systems

Successes in deployed verified software (and insights on key social factors)


June Andronick


UNSW Sydney


In this talk, we will share our experience in the successful deployment of verified software in a wide range of application domains, and, importantly, our insights on the key factors enabling such successful deployment, in particular the importance of the social aspects of a group working effectively together. Our formally verified microkernel, seL4, is now used across the world in a number of applications that keeps growing. Our experience is that such an uptake is enabled by a strong technical strategy, but which needs to be supported by a strong and tight integration of people from multiple disciplines (Formal Methods and Operating Systems mainly in our case) and with both research and engineering profiles. The recent uptake of our technology and its increased demand has amplified the importance of having a strong social spirit and culture, with well designed processes, for working as one unified team. This drives the way we work and has been key in creating real-world impact from research breakthroughs.

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