Trustworthy Systems

Verified characteristic formulae for CakeML


Armaël Guéneau, Magnus Myreen, Ramana Kumar and Michael Norrish


Chalmers University of Technology

ENS de Lyon

Australian National University


Characteristic Formulae (CF) offer a productive, principled approach to generating verification conditions for higher-order imperative programs, but so far the soundness of CF has only been considered for informally specified programming languages (OCaml). This leaves a gap between what is established by the verification framework and the program that actually runs. We present a fully-fledged CF framework for the formally specified CakeML programming language. Our framework extends the existing CF approach to support exceptions and I/O, thereby covering the full feature set of CakeML, and comes with a formally verified soundness theorem. Furthermore, it integrates with existing proof techniques for verifying CakeML programs. This validates the CF ap- proach, and allows users to prove end-to-end theorems for higher-order imperative programs, from specification to language semantics, within a single theorem prover.

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