Trustworthy Systems

Structured document algebra in action


Don Batory, Peter Hoefner, Dominik Köppl and Bernhard Möller

University of Texas at Austin



TU Dortmund

Universitaet Augsburg


A Structured Document Algebra (SDA) defines modules with variation points and how such modules compose. The basic operations are module addition and replacement. Repeated addition can create nested module structures. SDA also allows the decomposition of mod- ules into smaller parts. In this paper we show how SDA modules can be used to deal algebraically with Software Product Lines (SPLs). In particular, we treat some fundamental concepts of SPLs, such as refine- ment and refactoring. This leads to mathematically precise formalisation of fundamental concepts used in SPLs, which can be used for improved Feature-Oriented Software Development (FOSD) tooling.

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