Trustworthy Systems

Tool-based verification of a relational vertex coloring program


Rudolf Berghammer, Peter Hoefner and Insa Stucke

Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel




We present different approaches of using a special purpose computer algebra system and theorem provers in software verification. To this end, we first develop a purely algebraic while-program for computing a vertex coloring of an undirected (loop-free) graph. For showing its correctness, we then combine the well-known assertion-based verification method with relation-algebraic calculations. Based on this, we show how automatically to test loop-invariants by means of the RelView tool and also compare the usage of three different theorem provers in respect to the verification of the proof obligations: the automated theorem prover Prover9 and the two proof assistants Coq and Isabelle/HOL. As a result, we illustrate that algebraic abstraction yields verification tasks that can easily be verified with off-the-shelf theorem provers, but also reveal some shortcomings and difficulties with theorem provers that are nowadays available.

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