Trustworthy Systems

User-guided device driver synthesis


Leonid Ryzhyk, Adam Christopher Walker, John Keys, Alexander Legg, Arun Raghunath, Michael Stumm and Mona Vij


Intel Corporation

University of Toronto


Automatic device driver synthesis is a radical approach to creating drivers faster and with fewer defects by generating them automatically based on hardware device specifications. We present the design and implementation of the first practical driver synthesis toolkit, called Numbat. Numbat is the first tool to combine the power of automation with the flexibility of conventional development. It is also the first practical synthesis tool based on abstraction refinement. Finally, it is the first synthesis tool to support automated debugging of input specifications. We demonstrate the practicality of Numbat by synthesizing drivers for several I/O devices representative of a typical embedded platform: a webcam, a serial controller, an I2C bus, a real-time clock, and a hard disk controller.

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