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The extraction of the surface recombination velocity of Si: P emitters using advanced silicon models


Pietro P. Altermatt, Jürgen O. Schumacher, Andres Cuevas, Stephen W. Glunz, Richard R. King, Gernot Heiser and Andreas Schenk

    School of Computer Science and Engineering
    Sydney 2052, Australia


The recombination velocity of minority carriers at the surface of phosphorus doped emitters is extracted from published measurements of the emitter saturation current by means of numerical simulations. In contrast to previous studies, Fermi-Dirac statistics and a quantum mechanically derived band gap narrowing model are used (instead of Boltzman statistics and empirical apparent BGN data). In this way, degeneracy effects are accounted for on a physical sounder basis, leading to consistency also at high dopant densities. Thes enables us to simulate emitters with dopant densities higher than 3×1019 cm-3, considerably more precisely than in the past.

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