Trustworthy Systems

Making a poetry book


Peter Chubb

    School of Computer Science and Engineering
    Sydney 2052, Australia


Most people have produced documents of various forms, generally using pre-templated layouts.

Producing a book is more work. And producing a book with specialised typesetting requirements, even more so.

In this talk I intend to go through what I did to design a book layout, create LaTeX document styles, and create a book of poems written by Val Chubb, and prepare it for publication. I'll be covering most of the process, including book anatomy and binding techniques, page layout, indexing, getting an ISBN, copyright notices, and legal deposit requirements.

It used to be you'd have to create your own LaTeX class file, and tweak each page to get it right. The relatively new 'memoir' class takes a lot of pain out of this, but still needs thought and tweaking.

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