Trustworthy Systems

The seL4 report: State of the seL4 ecosystem


Gernot Heiser

    School of Computer Science and Engineering
    Sydney 2052, Australia


Keynote at the Trusted Computing Center of Excellence 2022 Summit


I will give an overview of developments in the seL4 ecosystem since the last summit 15 months ago. The main highlight is the strong growth of the seL4 Foundation, with electric/autonomous cars as the presently most active domain. Also significant highlights were major milestones in the verification of seL4 on the RISC-V architecture, with functional correctness extended to the binary code, and proofs of security enforcement (confidentiality, integrity and availability) completed. Also notable was migration of the Trustworthy Systems (TS) research group, creators of seL4, back to UNSW, with a renewed focus on research around seL4. This is enabled by the maturing of the seL4 ecosystem, exemplified by the creation of the Proofcraft company by TS's verification leads, as well as the development of the seL4 Core Platform by an industry partner of TS - we see future seL4-related engineering work happen predominantly in industry rather than by the TS group. I will also have a look at the virtual crystal ball and talk about likely developments over the next 12 months, expecting progress on major verification and systems-development projects.

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