Trustworthy Systems

A formal model of the L4 micro-kernel API using the B method


Rafal Kolanski

NICTA, Sydney, Australia
UNSW, Australia


The increasing dependence of modern society on information systems increases the need for secure operating system kernels. Formal methods offer a way to achieve such high-level security, however they require a significant investment of time, and are not well suited for large kernels such as that of Linux. μ-kernels offer an alternative which is both elegant, and possibly small enough to make formal specification tractable. The L4 Pilot project aims to investigate various approaches towards the formalisation of the L4 μ-kernel and evaluating its feasibility.

In order to make formal verification of a system possible its behaviour, functionality and external interface must be clearly mapped out and understood. This thesis concerns the creation of a formal model of the L4 "Pistachio" API using the B Method.

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