Trustworthy Systems

Operating system support for the heterogeneous OMAP4430: A tale of two micros


Etienne Le Sueur and Simon Rodgers

NICTA, Sydney, Australia
UNSW, Australia


The OMAP4430 is a system-on-chip recently released by Texas Instruments. What makes it interesting, is that not only is it the first dual-core ARM Cortex A9 embedded ARM processor, but TI also put two Cortex M3 micro-controllers on the same chip, sharing the same memory. All four cores support the ARM Thumb-2 instruction set, so conceivably, they could all run SMP Linux!

This talk will outline all of the hurdles that we encountered, hacks we did to get around them, and also present some performance numbers for the system. We also hope that manufacturers can take something from our experience making future asymmetric chips more amenable to running Linux without all the hacks!

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