Trustworthy Systems

A thread model for Mungi


Andrew Baumann

    School of Computer Science and Engineering
    Sydney 2052, Australia


This thesis presents the design and implementation of a new thread model for the Mungi operating system. Threads (or processes) form an essential part of any system, and for high performance the thread primitives provided must be lightweight. However, this is not the only consideration: the components of a thread model, especially the programming interface and access control mechanisms, must also conform to the general design philosophy of the operating system.

In addressing these requirements, a thread model was designed for Mungi which represents and identifies threads as memory objects, and enforces access control through the usual protection mechanisms of the system. A prototype of the new model has been implemented, with special care taken regarding the performance of thread creation. Results show that it outperforms the previous Mungi implementation, as well as Linux, in all common cases.

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