Trustworthy Systems

Operating system for a flow-graph machine


Aleksander Budzynowski

    School of Computer Science and Engineering
    Sydney 2052, Australia


The flow-graph machine currently being developed by Wave Semiconductor is a computer processor based on the dataflow model of computation, and has the potential to provide more energy-efficient, resource-efficient and scalable computing than sequential computer processors. In order to make the most of this potential, an operating system must be created for the machine. Such an operating system would need to be designed differently to traditional operating systems, and this area has not received much study in the past. This project is a first step towards the creation of such an operating system. It includes an exploration of the various ways such a machine might be used, an explanation of how an operating system would support this, identification of challenges in the imple- mentation, and suggestions for further development of the machine, the operating system, and the software that will use it.

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