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Proceedings of the 3rd international workshop on systems software verification (SSV 2008)




RWTH Aachen University


This volume contains the proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Systems Software Verification (SSV) held in Sydney, Australia, February 25–27, 2008.

The purpose of SSV is to bring together researchers and developers from both academia and industry, who are facing real software and real problems to find real, applicable solutions. By “real” we mean problems such as time-to-market or reliability that the industry is facing and is trying to fix in software that is deployed in the market place. A real solution is one that is applicable to the problem in industry and not one that only applies to an abstract, academic toy version of it. SSV discusses software analysis/development techniques and tools, and serves as a platform to discuss open problems and future challenges in dealing with existing and upcoming system code.

This volume starts with the abstracts of two invited presentation, followed by 13 papers that were selected by the Programme Committee out of 24 submissions after an intense reviewing and discussion phase. Each paper has been examined by at least 3 reviewers and we would like to thank the members of the Programme Committee as well as the external reviewers for their detailed and thorough investigation of each contribution.

The workshop programme comprised the presentation of the 13 accepted papers, four tool demonstrations given by

• Christof Efkemann and Helge Loeding (University of Bremen, Germany),

• Ansgar Fehnker (NICTA, Australia),

• Ralf Huuck (NICTA, Australia),

• Bastian Schlich (RWTH Aachen, Germany),

and two invited talks presented by

• Kim Guldstrand Larsen (Aalborg University/CISS, Denmark) and

• Hongseok Yang (University of London, United Kingdom).

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