Trustworthy Systems

Achieved IPC performance (still the foundation for extensibility)


Jochen Liedtke, Kevin Elphinstone, Sebastian Schönberg, Herrman Härtig, Gernot Heiser, Nayeem Islam and Trent Jaeger

IBM Watson Research Center

The University of New South Wales
Sydney 2052


Extensibility can be based on cross-address-space communication or on grafting application-specific modules into the operating system. For comparing both approaches, we need to explore the best achievable performance in both models. This paper reports the achieved performance of cross-address-space communication for the L4 \mu-kernel on Intel Pentium, Mips R4600 and DEC Alpha. The direct costs range from 45 cycles (alpha) to 121 cycles (Pentium). Since only 2.3% of the L1 cache are required (Pentium), the average indirect costs are not to be expected much higher.

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