Trustworthy Systems

Pancake: verified systems programming made sweeter


Johannes ├ůman Pohjola, Hira Taqdees Syeda, Miki Tanaka, Krishnan Winter, Gordon Sau, Ben Nott, Tiana Tsang Ung, Craig McLaughlin, Remy Seassau, Magnus Myreen, Michael Norrish and Gernot Heiser

UNSW Sydney

Chalmers University of Technology

Australian National University


We introduce Pancake, a new language for verifiable, low-level systems programming, especially device drivers. Pancake eschews complex type systems to make the language attractive to systems programmers, while at the same time aiming to ease the formal verification of code. We describe the design of the language and its verified compiler, and examine its usability, performance and current limitations through case studies of device drivers and related systems components for an seL4-based operating system.

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