Trustworthy Systems

ISA support for hardware resource partitioning in RISC-V


Nils Wistoff1, Robert Balas, Alessandro Ottaviano, Gernot Heiser and Luca Benini

    School of Computer Science and Engineering
    Sydney 2052, Australia


In modern computing environments, applications concurrently executing on the same system often compete for shared hardware resources, such as caches and buffers. The ensuing contention can lead to timing interferences, posing significant threats such as deadline misses in real-time systems and the creation of timing channels in secure systems. This work proposes an ISA extension based on the RISC-V Capacity and Bandwith Controller QoS Register Interface (CBQRI). Our proposal enables dynamic, comprehensive temporal and spatial partitioning of shared hardware resources, ensuring the isolated execution times of concurrent applications.

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