Trustworthy Systems

User-level mixed criticality systems scheduling on multicore processors


Sebastian Holzapfel

    School of Computer Science and Engineering
    Sydney 2052, Australia


This thesis investigates the feasibility of adapting a modern multicore mixed-criticality scheduling architecture & resource sharing protocol (previously only evaluated on monolithic kernels), to run at user-level on a high-assurance microkernel. Such an architecture has advantages in terms of exibility and integrity when compared to more conventional approaches, and remains unexplored in literature – likely due to the absence of a microkernel able to facilitate it until recently. To that end, in this work we construct a multicore user-level scheduler & associated mixed criticality resource sharing protocol on a microkernel. We implement tracing infrastructure to evaluate the system, and investigate properties of our scheduler with respect to similar-class monolithic systems. Finally, we propose changes to the kernel API to improve user-level scheduling performance and discover that our scheduler is performance-competitive with a Linux-based monolithic approach.

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