Trustworthy Systems

A performance evaluation of rump kernels as a multi-server OS building block on seL4


Kevin Elphinstone, Amirreza Zarrabi, Kent Mcleod and Gernot Heiser


UNSW Sydney


In the paper, we argue that it is worthwhile to revisit building microkernel-based multiserver operating systems, and introduce a multiserver OS architecture. We argue that recent formal verification of microkernels provides a compelling platform for constructing general purpose systems, and that existing systems are not appropriate to take advantage of a formally verified microkernel. Our vision is of mostly-POSIX multiserver systems based on rump kernels, with a small set of fundamental services and frameworks. We expect the approach to provide a balance between componentisation, development effort, and legacy system compatibility. We present our initial efforts with a promising performance evaluation of a rump kernel running on seL4.

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