Trustworthy Systems

Distribution + persistence = global virtual memory


Stephen Russell, Alan Skea, Kevin Elphinstone, Gernot Heiser, Keith Burston, Ian Gorton and Graham Hellestrand

    School of Computer Science and Engineering
    Sydney 2052, Australia


The Distributed Systems Group at the University of New South Wales is currently constructing a distributed operating system based on global virtual memory (GVM). Unlike previously published systems, our system combines local and remote storage into a single large virtual address space. This provides a uniform method for naming and accessing objects regardless of their location, removes the distinction between persistent and transient data, and simplifies the migration of data and processes.

Our GVM system uses conventional computing nodes connected to specialised network interfaces. A fault-tolerant migration and replication protocol keeps the system operational and consistent in case of network errors or node crashes. Password capabilities are used to control access to the GVM.

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