Trustworthy Systems

Improving NFS performance


Shehjar Tikoo and Peter Chubb

    School of Computer Science and Engineering
    Sydney 2052, Australia


There have been many complaints about NFS performance on the Linux kernel mailing lists when it is compared with performance on IRIX or Solaris. Is it really so bad? And, what can be done to fix the problem? Over the Southern Summer, Gelato@UNSW has been trying to find out. We currently have tools to capture traces from real systems, anonymize them (so that real users don't mind if we grab information), and replay at a higher rate. In doing so, we have discovered, firstly, that there are problems; secondly, that there is a degree of regularity in most traces that can be exploited to improve NFS performance generally. This is a work-in-progress talk; we expect to have more results by the time of this conference.

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