The University of New South Wales

Virtualising PCI


Myrto Zehnder and Peter Chubb

    School of Computer Science and Engineering
    Sydney 2052, Australia


UNSW has been working for some time both on user-level drivers and a framework for using Linux as a hypervisor. These separate projects have been reported on in previous Gelato conferences.

Given that we have a way to run a complete Linux image in userspace on top of Linux, it would seem desirable to allow access to a subset of the PCI bus from a guest operating system. This would allow:

Myrto Zehnder, a Master's student from ETH Zurich, has been working with Gelato@UNSW for the past six months on allowing controlled access to the device-driver framework in the guest. This talk will present the mechanisms we have developed, and the pitfalls we have encountered in implementing the system.

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