Trustworthy Systems

Channel Matrix Construction and Analysis Tools

Our research into timing channels uses a suite of tools for processing timing data, converting it into channel matrices and extracting channel capacities. We offer these tools for download.

The package also includes a library used by the above tools for storing sparse matrices and histograms, together with arithmetic operations optimised for channel capacity calculation using the Arimoto-Blahut algorithm.

We also use the leakiEst tool chain developed by Tom Chothia  and his colleagues. The tool not only calcuates the multual information, but also performs statstical test for distinguishing very small information leaks from noise that does not indicate a leak.

Details of the tools and the analysis they perform are in the relevant papers, see links below.


The license for the tools can be found in the COPYRIGHT file in the distribution.


Installation instructions can be found in the README file contained in the distribution.