Trustworthy Systems

Trustworthy COTS Hardware


The project has uccessfully created a version of seL4 that provides redundant co-execution (RCoE) of an seL4-based system on COTS multicore, i.e. without any non-standard hardware support. It can run in dual or triple modular redundancy (DMR or TMR) configuration.

The replication and fault-tolerance implementation is done at the kernel level, meaning that the whole system is replicated, except for the minimal interfaces to non-replicated devices (mostly device register reads and writes). Our RCoE implementation is the first system that achieves such maximal replication on COTS hardware.

Our RCoE setup comes in two versions:

Both versions are share the following properties:


Having demonstrated the above, the projectis concluded for now. We will be happy to revive it should there be commercial interest.

Artifact downloads

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