Trustworthy Systems

Trustworthy Systems archive

This is an archive of our project website, dating back to the Software Systems Research Group in National ICT Australia (NICTA).

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Trustworthy Systems project

Trustworthy Systems represents the confluence of formal methods and operating systems, applying the former in the context of the latter, and advancing the state of the art in both areas.

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Specific Activities

We tackle the challenge of building truly trustworthy software systems with a number of inter-related activities. Our first focus is security and how to design systems with formally proved security properties on the source code level.

We are also investigating safety-critical applications with the following activities.

In order for our technology to be deployed realistically, we are working on making the verification methodology more efficient, predictable and repeatable, with the following activities.

Finally, the following activities address the maintenance and improvements of our existing kernel and correctness proofs.

Publications and People

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